Equipment for integration of VoIP and TDM networks, with support of signalling SS7 (Signaling System #7), ISDN PRI DSS1, V5.2, V5.1, CAS R2, R2, R2 MFC, R2 DTMF, R2D, R1.5 and SIP protocol.

  • SIP/E1 Gateway

  • SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control

  • VOIP Gateway for DX 200 Nokia

  • TDMoIP Gateway

  • TDM Switch

  • Telephone Card D-201E/D-401E

  • TTA-08, Access Control Unit

Equipment and systems for industrial automation: embedded processor boards and modules, industrial computers , the I/O, the development of software for automated control, on-board and embedded systems.

  • TTPC-E38XX CPU, PCI/104-Express

  • TTCM-0ХХХ CPU, PCI/104-Express

  • TTPS-01, DC-DC Power Supply

  • TSSD-01, SSD PCI/104 Express

  • Boost-buck DC-DC converter

  • RS422 to Ethernet Converter

  • USB Programmer

TERRATEL is a company providing services of designing embedded electronic and computing systems: a full range of customized electronic design services of any complexity. We offer electronic design services ranging from developing the concept of a solution up to manufacturing the commercial prototype. In addition we provide specific design services.

  • Customized Design

  • PCB Layout Design

  • Hardware Design

  • Firmware Design

  • Planar Transformers Design