TTPS-01, DC-DC Power Supply

PCI/104-Express Power Supply Module

DC-DC Power Supply
  • remote ON/OFF operation
  • up to 91% efficiency at full load
  • wide input voltage range 8-32V DC (max 36V)
  • operating temperature range -40C to +85C
  • fully PCI/104-Express compliant
TTPS-01, the Power Supply Module, is notable for its easy connectability to control systems applied in industrial and automotive industries. This allows to interface directly to PCI/104-Express systems and EBX size boards.
Below you will find the step-by-step guide to installing TTPS-01 in your system.
System Type Board
Output Voltage Regulation ± 5% (max)
Output Voltage Ripple at Full Load +5V STDBY 15.0 mV
+3.3V 20.2 mV
+12V 20.6 mV
-12V 12.6 mV
Output Power (88W Total) +5V @ 10A for 50W
+5V STDBY @ 1A for 5W
+3.3V @ 10A for 33W
+12V @ 2.0A for 24W
-12V @ 500 mA for 6W
88W available
Host Interface PC/104-Express busses with +5V,
+5VSTDBY +3.3V, +12V, -12V
Efficiency 5V efficiency 91%
5V STDBY efficiency 82%
3.3V efficiency 89%
+12V efficiency 90%
-12V efficiency 88%
Overall 85%
Board Power Dissipation max 15.53W