TSSD-01, SSD PCI/104 Express

PCI/104-Express Solid State Storage Module

PCI/104-Express Твердотельный накопитель, SSD/104 SATA, SSD PCI/104 Express, TSSD-01
  • 32-128 GB per desk
  • 128 Gb — 2 Tb (main with 3 Add — on Flash Cards)
  • 3 Gb/s SATA-II Interface
  • Greater than 200 MB write/read performance
  • RAID 0/1/10/JBOD (with 3 Add — on Flash Cards)

TSSD-01, the solid state storage module, which designed using the NAND technology. Through that a card is projected as a strong robust, TSSD-01 is immune to corruption caused by vibration, shock and extreme temperatures.

The total capacity of the disk space with three flash add-on cards is 2 TB. The controller allows to implement RAID 0/1/10/JBOD functionality.

The Benefits of PCI/104-Express module

The Flash add-on cards are mechanically mountable to the carrier board and they can be operated in the extended operating temperature range, which will allow to use the module for the industrial, medical, telecommunications and other markets.

System Type Board
General Info Length
10.8 cm/4.251″
11.5 cm/4.527″
Form Factor PCI/104-Express
Platform Suitable for any platform
Compliance RoHS compliant
Drive Capacity 32-128 GB per desk
128 GB-2 TB (main with 3 add-on flash cards)
Performance Write/read performance more than 200MB/s
Interface SATA/SATA-II (1.5/3Gb/s)
Interface Connectors PCI/104-Express connector
SATA Edge Connector (7 pins)
Environmental Spesification Industrial
-40°C to 85°C (40°F to 185°F)
0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
95% non-condensing
Power +5V DC (± 5%)