TDMoIP Gateway

Interface Converter E1 to Ethernet, transfer TDM over IP and MPLS network

TDMoIP Gateway, E1 to Ethernet converter, transfer E1 over IP, fiber multiplexer
  • Up to 8 E1 links
  • Transfer of uncompressed voice traffic
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port, 1x SFP slot
  • Voice and data transfer using the bandwidth with maximum efficiency
  • Integrated WEB interface, Telnet
  • IPv4, IPv6, UDP, RTP, L2TPv3, MPLS, Metro Ethernet

If you want to reduce operating costs for transferring voice traffic then the best solution for you will be to switch from TDM (PCM) transport to Ethernet-based network with IP packet switching.
And to save you from complete replacement of all analog exchanges and switching equipment our company Terratel designed a product that allows transmitting E1 links over Ethernet networks transparently.
TDMoIP Gateway helps telecommunication companies and commercial users to reduce significantly operating costs for TDM traffic transfer.

TDM over IP Ethernet gateway and multiplexer, E1 to IP converter, Transfer E1 over IP with TDMoIP

Pic 1. TDM over IP Gateway Connection Diagram

Features TDM over IP Gateway (up to 8E1 G.703 to Ethernet converter)

  • TDMoIP Gateway supports transfer of up to 8 E1 links.
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • 1x SFP slot for connecting optical transceiver.
  • TDMoIP Gateway can be configured via integrated WEB interface or Telnet.
  • Supports E1 links loop check: local loopback, remote loopback.
  • Supports following protocols: IPv4, IPv6, UDP, RTP, L2TPv3, MPLS, Metro Ethernet.
  • Adaptive mechanism for transmitting and restoring synchronization. One customized mechanism per each E1 channel.
  • Transfer of uncompressed voice traffic.
  • Transparent transfer of any TDM signaling type.
  • Voice and data transfer using the bandwidth with maximum efficiency.
  • Integrating capabilities of packet switch networks at minimum cost.
Fiber Optical TDM over IP gateway and multiplexer, E1 to IP converter, G.703 interface

Pic 2. TDM over Fiber Gateway Connection Diagram

What is TDMoIP

TDMoIP Gateway is a cost-effective solution for switching to data transfer over IP networks technology for traditional telecommunication technologies. TDMoIP Gateway adapts the advanced TDM over IP technology by allowing transmitting traditional E1 links over existing Ethernet or IP networks.

E1 to Ethernet Converter is a new generation of TDM over IP equipment supporting E1 links transfer over Ethernet or IP networks by emulating IP termination.

The operator can use TDMoIP Gateway to transmit TDM over both wired and wireless networks.

TDMoIP Gateway is used mainly to transmit voice traffic over IP networks. The product can contain up to 8 E1 interfaces, 1x Gigabit Ethernet port, and 1x SFP slot to connect the optical transceiver that allows integrating TDMoIP Gateway into any optical Ethernet/IP network.

Convert E1 to Ethernet Gateway makes it possible to connect easily and reliably any user TDM equipment over standard low-cost wired or wireless Ethernet/IP networks without affecting the quality of transmitted TDM data.

TDM over Ethernet Gateway Capabilities

  1. Adaptive mechanism for transmitting synchronization. Transmitting E1 links over Ethernet makes it difficult to restore E1 synchronization at the converter output. The reason for this is one of the features of packet data transfer over Ethernet, which is the random packet transfer delay. In this case the special adaptive mechanism for transmitting and restoring synchronization eliminates effectively this drawback of Ethernet networks when a transfer error or collision occurs that results in a packet loss.
  2. TDMoIP Gateway encapsulates E1 links data in a packet and transmits it to the remote device over Ethernet. Encapsulation for the following protocols is supported: IPv4, IPv6, UDP, RTP, L2TPv3, MPLS, Metro Ethernet. The user can select encapsulation depending on the required protocol.
  3. TDMoIP Gateway can be used with equipment from other vendors.
  4. TDMoIP Gateway supports transfer of up to 8 E1 links.

The gateway provides transparent transfer of TDM signaling allowing to connect devices equipped with E1 interfaces via high-rate packet switch networks.

Network Interfaces Interface
Number of intefaces
Connector type
10/100 BASE-T Ethernet
IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX
10/100 Mbps autodetection, cable autodetection, full-duplex, half-duplex
RJ-45, SFP
User Interfaces E1 Interfaces Standards
Number of interfaces
Connector type
ETS 300 166, ETSI TS 101 135, ITU-T Rec. G.703, G.704, G.706, G.711, G.732, G.755, G.796, G.823, G.824, I.431
max 8
2,048 Mbps
120/75 Ohm
Unframed, CAS, CCS, CRC4
Interface Ethernet Standards
Number of intefaces
Number VLAN
IEEE 802.3 10BaseT,
IEEE 802.3u 00BaseTX,
IEEE 802.1p VLAN,
IEEE 802.1q QoS,
IEEE 1P/Q Tagged VLAN,
IEEE 802.1D Spanning tree
10/100 Mbps autodetection, cable autodetection, full-duplex, half-duplex
max 512
Management Remote management Telnet, HTTP
Design Specifications EUROPACK 19″, 1U form factor
Weight 2,3 Kg
Power Supply Voltage
Power Consumpio
12V (+/-20%) or 60V (+/-20%)
t 10W
Operating conditions Operating temperature
0°C at +60°C
80% at 25°C

TDMoIP Gateway

  • TDMoIP 1E1
  • TDMoIP 2E1
  • TDMoIP 4E1
  • TDMoIP 8E1
  • TDM over Fiber 4E1
  • TDM over Fiber 8E1

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