TTA-08 Lite

Device for monitoring security and fire loops


  • TCP/IP, SNMPv2
  • 1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
  • 4x security and fire alarms loops (with сondition control)
  • External power supply module 220 VAC
  • Input voltage DC 12V
  • Power consumption 2W


This unit is designed to provide remote monitoring (via Ethernet) of the remote equipment and objects (remote exchange capacities, processing equipment, stand-alone stations and industrial premises).

This device is a functionally simplified version of the TTA-08 product.

Connected devices and monitored parameters: 4 loops for connecting security and fire alarm devices (10..12V, 100mA).

Pluggable sensors, sensors, security equipment for remote control

Pic 1. Application of the device for monitoring security and fire loops.

The data from the sensors are processed by the controller and transmitted over the Ethernet network via the SNMP protocol to the dispatcher / user computer with the remote monitoring and control system software installed.

Alarms are displayed visually, through the issuance of an audible alarm or by SMS and phone calls.

Connected devices, monitored parameters

  • Four loops for connecting devices, as well as a power output for burglar / fire alarm devices (10..12V, 100mA or 10..15V 750mA (optional)).

Web Interface

Configuration and primary monitoring can be implemented using the WEB interface.
The states of the security and fire sensors are processed by the device controller and displayed in the WEB interface, as well as transmitted over the Ethernet network via the SNMP protocol.

The dispatcher, on a personal computer, through the WEB-interface in real time sees the status of all connected sensors of the selected device.

WEB interface for monitoring the status of connected sensors

Pic 2. WEB interface of the device – monitoring the status of loops.

SNMP Protocol

SNMPv2 support allows to integrate the product in the standard network control and monitoring system.

SNMP-Based Control and Monitoring System

To control several monitoring units at a time TTA Monitor application can be used.

The application designed to communicate with devices can use either SNMP or internal communication protocol. TTA Monitor can operate under Windows or Linux operating systems.

Additional solution for simultaneous monitoring of several devices - SNMP agent software TTA monitor

Pic 3. SNMP agent “TTA Monitor” – a solution for simultaneous control of several monitoring devices.

The interface of the SNMP agent TTA Monitor, monitoring the status of device sensors

Pic 4. SNMP agent “TTA Monitor” – monitoring the status of loops.

Monitoring of remote objects will allow the dispatcher to make the necessary decisions, remotely switch between different systems or give appropriate instructions to the personnel.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Remote Objects

Remote Monitoring Unit combined with sensors allows to build various systems to monitor and control remote objects:

  • Monitoring system for data processing centers and server rooms
  • Monitoring system for industrial premises
  • Monitoring system for storage areas
  • Monitoring system for food production and refrigeration facilities
  • 19″ rack monitoring over LAN

Technical Specifications

System Type
General Info
Length 6 cm
Width 10.4 cm
Height 3.4 cm
Weight 200 g
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit – 1
Connected Devices and Monitored Parameters
Loops for connecting security/fire alarm devices – 4
Power supply output of security/fire alarm devices (10..12V, 100mA or 10..15V 750 mA) – 1
Event Memory
Nonvolatile memory for keeping 65,536 events
Supported Protocols
Power Supply
Input supply voltage range 12V DC
Power consumption 2W