Buck-boost DC-DC converter

Buck-boost DC-DC Voltage Module converting


  • U in 35÷160V, U out 48V (24V)
  • Up to 1,2A Output Current
  • T ambient -65°C +90°C
  • Up to 95% Efficiency
  • Up to 60W Output Power


Buck-boost DC-DC converter – is a symbiosis buck and boost converter.

The Buck-Boost DС/DС converter is designed to be operated in severe industrial conditions with wide temperature and input supply voltage ranges (railway transport).

DC-DC converter block diagram

Source consists of the following components: input voltage limiter (MOV), high pass filter, low pass filter, DC-DC converter.

Buck-boost DC-DC converter input 35V-160V, 48V-24V output, block diagram

Figure 1. DC-DC Converter Block Diagram

Effectiveness of efficiency DC-DC converter

The key feature of the DС-DС converter is its extended input voltage range from 35V to 160V with output power of up to 60W.

Buck-boost DC-DC converter, schedule effectiveness efficiency

Figure 2. U out = 48V

The input protection and filter circuits ensure reliable operation of the power source under severe pulse noise and voltage surges with an amplitude of up to 1000V at the power input.

Specially selected high-quality components allowed to create a uniquely wide operating temperature range that allows to operate the converter practically in all climatic zones.