Connecting the electricity meter to the TTA-08 device

Integration of electricity meters “Energy-9” Telecard-device LLC Odessa via the RS-232 interface

Connecting digital devices with RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces

The available TTA-08 interfaces (RS-232 and RS-485) allow to connect for control and monitoring various additional devices with the serial interface, for example network switches, uninterruptible power supplies, counters of electric and thermal energy, counters of cold and hot water, gas, conditioners. etc. Support for a specific model of an external device is developed in the presence of documentation on the protocol for exchanging the device on the serial port.

Thus, the specialists of Terratel LLC and Telekart-Prilad LLC implemented a joint project of integration of Energia-9 electricity meter and TTA-08 device.

Within the framework of the project, support for the connection of electricity meters “Energy-9” STK1 produced by LLC “Telecard-device” in Odessa through the RS-232 interface was implemented.

Appearance of the Energy-9 meter with RS-232 interface module

Pic 1. Appearance of the Energy-9 meter with RS-232 interface module.


The software of the TTA-08 device allows to display real-time current parameters of the electric energy meter

  • Accrued amount of electricity consumed (kWh)
  • Voltage, V
  • Current, A
  • Frequency, Hz
  • Power, W
  • Date and time

The functionality of the software also implements the receipt and storage of the amount of energy consumed on a specific date or at the beginning of the month, consumption per month and so on.
WEB interface.

Display of meter parameters on the Web interface of the TTA-08 device is available on the “Monitoring” tab:

Display the counter settings on the Web interface

Pic 2. Display the counter settings on the Web interface.

Energy, voltage, current, frequency, date and time are available for monitoring with the TTA-08 device.

TTA Monitor

Display of meter parameters in the TTA Monitor software is available on a separate tab “Electricity meter”

Display counter settings in TTA Monitor software

Pic 3. Display counter settings in TTA Monitor software

TTA Monitor software allows you to organize data collection (energy, voltage, current, frequency, etc.) from a large number of electricity meters and subsequent storage in the database.

Data collection from the meter can be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Current data
  • At the beginning of the day
  • At the beginning of the month
  • At the beginning of the year
  • In a day
  • Per month
  • In a year