ATCA Control Server Board project

Custom Design of Hardware, Firmware and Software Electronics

Development of an ATCA Control Server Board hardware, firmware and software electronics design project
  • Intel®5100 chipset

The ATCA Control Server Board is designed for ATCA PICMG 3.0 and 3.1-compliant server-class control systems.

The ATCA Control Server Board is ideal for using in the next-generation telecommunication networks as well as for using with the communications systems requiring a complex solution, which provides for the optimized performance, reliability and power consumption.

The product is based on the modern Intel®5100 chipset supporting dual-processor multicore architecture and 32 GB ECC DDR2 RDIMM memory devices. Two AMC modules, stand-alone RAID module and RTM can be mounted on the board, which allows to expand its computing power, increase the range of the interface ports and improve its functionality.