DSP Advanced Mezzanine project

Designing products based on Customer requirements

Development of an ADSL RTM hardware, firmware and software electronics design project
  • 8х DSP (Texas Instruments) TMS320C6454 1GHz
  • 128MB DDR2 SDRAM (to each DS)
The DSP Advanced Mezzanine Card is an AMC module designed to provide digital signal processing supported by 8x TMS320C6454 DSPs from Texas Instruments that are operated with frequency of 1 GHz.128MB DDR2 SDRAM is connected to each DSP. Transportation of the processed data is provided through the GE Switch located on the module.

Two options of configuring and controlling DSPs are possible: the stand-by mode using the PowerQUICC processor located on the module or configuring and controlling over the PCI-e interface of the AMC connector connected to the external HOST on the Carrier board.