Telephony Failover Switch or backup channel switching unit E1 TDM Network


  • Switching voltage – 5V DC
  • Type of pack panel – one-piece
  • Port Type – RJ45
  • Number of ports – up to 48
  • Size – 1U / 44,45 mm
  • Black colour


E1 backup channel switching unit (E1 Bypass) with VoIP gateway is designed to back up reserve communication lines in case of the power failure on the site.

E1 backup channel switching unit acts as an Telephony failover switch and is a 19″ patch panel with 48x RJ-45 ports of 1U form factor.

The source of commutation of communication channels is the voltage of the device 5V DC.

The standard 19″ size provides for mounting the product in the telecommunications racks or cabinets, which allows to place Telephony failover switch in close proximity to the hardware components of the digital VoIP gateway or cross with E1 channels.

The front panel of E1 backup channel switching unit features ports (sockets) and LED power indicator for the digital VoIP gateway.

The rear side of the panel features the relay unit and power control connector.

E1 Bypass or Telephony Failover Switch from Terratel provides an efficient way to reserve telephone lines when undesirable changes are detected that require physical reconnection of the E1 analog lines.

How It Works

In case of the power failure the Communications Backup Unit automatically switches E1 channels that were previously switched to IP network from PBX to E1 backup channels of PSTN.

When the power resumes VoIP gateway reloads the software and after the software is fully loaded the VoIP gateway signals E1 backup channel switching unit to switch E1 channels to VoIP gateway/back to IP network.

Application of E1 Communication Backup Unit

Figure 1. Network Application of E1 Communication Backup Unit (E1 Bypass)

It should be noted that hardware components of VoIP gateway do not need to be preset. This functionality is deployed at the hardware level.