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Equipment for twin subscriber telephone lines

Functioning of paired subscribers through subscriber ports of a digital Telephone Exchange support

Paired subscriber servicing equipment is designed to connect two telephone subscribers of a fixed communication network to a digital telephone exchange through one subscriber telephone line.

Appearance of equipment for servicing paired subscribers

Figure 1. Appearance of equipment for maintenance and adaptation of paired subscribers to a digital telephone exchange

The equipment imitates the operation of a paired subscriber set over telephone lines with diode subscriber sets.

The service unit and adaptation of paired subscribers can be used with any digital telephone exchanges (for example, SI2000, EWSD, etc.) and allows you to save paired subscriber lines.

The use of the Paired Lines Service Unit will allow the Operator of fixed-line services not to invest in the construction of linear and cable structures (laying additional subscriber telephone lines) after replacing a ten-step or coordinate telephone exchange with a digital automatic telephone exchange.

Block diagram of equipment serving subscriber paired telephone lines

Figure 2. Structural diagram of equipment serving paired lines.

Terratel company is developer and manufacturer of this equipment.