iSUB VoIP Gateway for DX 200 Nokia

Upgrade and migration DX200 into VOIP, NGN, IMS Networks

  • up to 16 PCM interfaces
  • Fast Ethernet
  • up to 480 VoIP channels
  • voice codecs G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729
  • fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay

TERRATEL offers the solution for fundamental reconstructing and migration DX-200 NOKIA Digital Switching Platform into IP, NGN, IMS networks.
Having the latest telecommunications development trends in mind our solution offers upgrading DX200 R3, R4, R5 Telephone Exchange to switch subscribers from TDM segment to SoftSwitch control over SIP and RTP/RTCP access protocols.
All subscribers of upgraded Telephone Exchange SUB DX 200 Nokia will obtain the full package of services from NGN, IMS service servers.
This will help to solve automatically the issues with call charging, switching to prospective numbering plans, porting numbers and monitoring outgoing and incoming calls.

iSUB VoIP Gateway, Upgrade and migration SUB DX-200 Nokia into IP Networks

Pic 1. SUB DX 200 Nokia to VOIP Network Integration – Connection Diagram

Upgrading will make it possible to save the subscriber number when implementing the communications services using PON and FTTB technology (SIP telephony, Internet access, IP TV), which will encourage subscribers to switch to more expensive pricing plans.

iSUB VoIP Gateway, DX200 Telephone Exchange Upgrading Example

Pic 2. DX200 Telephone Exchange Upgrading Example

The essence of switching DX200 R3, R4, R5 Telephone Exchange subscribers is in connecting SUB subscriber units directly to the dedicated IP media gateway (iSUB Access Gateway) by using intra-exchange PCM lines and respective intra-exchange signaling.
This solution allows the telecommunications operator to reduce significantly the prime cost of telecommunications services provided to PSTN subscribers by:

  • providing NGN/IMS network services
  • reducing power costs
  • reducing heating and air conditioning costs
  • upgrading Telephone Exchange to the level of the unattended Telephone Exchange
  • reducing repair and maintenance costs
Connection diagram upgrade and migration SUB DX 200 Nokia R3 and R4

Pic 3. The example of the general block diagram for upgrade DX200 R3 and R4 systems.

iSUB Access Gateway DX-200 upgrade system converts the subscriber TDM traffic to SIP and RTP/RTCP protocols by using G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729 and T.38 voice and fax transmission codecs, integrated echo cancellation and DTMF processing (RFC 2833).
The hardware of iSUB Access Gateway DX-200 upgrade system comprises the shelf and 2 or 4 iSUB Access Gateway units with each unit servicing up to 32 internal PCM lines (see the Figure). The number of iSUB Access Gateway units on the site is determined by the number of the subscriber sets and by the number of the internal PCM lines on the site.
DX200 PCM lines and iSUB Access Gateway units are backed up by 100%.
2 Fast Ethernet interfaces from each unit are included in the trunk IP network.
The shelf with iSUB Access Gateway units is mounted on a single DX220 Telephone Exchange subscriber stage or on a single DX210 Telephone Exchange and it can service up to 4,000 subscribers.

Connection diagram upgrade and migration SUB DX 200 Nokia R5

Pic 4. The example of the general block diagram for reconstructing DX200 Nokia R5 system

DX200 R3, R4, R5 Telephone Exchange upgrade does not require any building or assembling activities since the DX-200 iSUB Access Gateway upgrade system shelf is mounted directly in place of the dismounted “native” DX 200 SSWRB shelf and the existing DX200 cable connections are used to connect internal PCM lines.

Subscriber line SLU8C

Pic 5. Subscriber line SLU 8C for SUB DX-200 Nokia

The control system is implemented on 2 servers (operation server and backup server) together with operating exchanges. It allows applying required settings, monitor performance and keep current board configuration so that it could be loaded when the boards are hot swapped.

Connecting Access Equipment over V5.2 Interface

Implementing V5.2 Interface. For cases when the upgraded DX200 or DX220 platform provided services of V5.1 and V5.2 interfaces we offer the single solution allowing to integrate AN subscriber remote nodes into VOIP/NGN/IMS networks.
V5.2 interface provides the opportunity for the operator to build the access network regardless of the manufacturer of the local Telephone Exchange.
Connecting the subscriber access equipment over V5.2 interface allowed the operator to offer plain old telephone services (POTS) and ISDN services for both wired and wireless access.
V5.2 to SIP VoIP Gateway ->
Solution for Integrating AN Subscriber Access Equipment into IP Networks.

Repairing DX-200 Nokia

When the Telephone Exchange is to be upgraded our company shall repair and maintain the remaining equipment – SUB subscriber units.