Software development

Efficient development of firmware and software firmware, BSP, Linux for embedded systems

One of the areas of R&D divisions of the Terratel company is the development of hardware or embedded software.

Firmware – a program recorded in the microcontroller’s memory that controls the operation of the entire device.

TERRATEL provides a range of services for the design, development, configuration, testing, implementation and maintenance of software (Firmware) for various devices and systems. In particular, we have experience in developing Firmware for modern telecommunications equipment and Embedded systems.

We carry out software development for embedded systems in the following areas:

Firmware or Microcontroller software Development

We carry out a range of services for the development of firmware or the creation of software for microcontroller software from leading manufacturers of semiconductor components – NXP Semiconductors, STMicrolectronics, Texas Instruments and others.

BSP Development (Board Support Package)

The development includes the integration of support packages for the BSP hardware platform, including the U-Boot, RedBoot boot loaders, the development of device drivers, protocol stacks and interfaces, as well as the development of tests for hardware testing and the creation of file system images.

Real-Time Firmware Development (RTOS)

We perform configuration of real-time operating systems for unique equipment.

We carry out a range of services related to the configuration and adaptation of the cores of modern RTOS for Intel XScale, Intel x86, Freescale PowerQUICC processors.

The range of our services includes:

  • Designing firmware for the products
  • Configuring and adapting BIOS
  • Configuring real-time operating systems for unique products

Please contact our specialists if you have any questions about firmware design.