Planar Transformers Design

Planar Transformer as part of a multi-layer Printed Circuit Board

TERRATEL offers planar transformer or other electronic equipment with their use design services.
Custom design of all types of planar inductors and transformers for high-frequency DC-DC converters (power supplies) with input voltage from 0V to 150V and output voltage from 0.6V to 48V and output power from 3W to 1000W.

Advantages of using planar transformers and chokes

Planar transformers due to the design features and manufacturability have the following advantages:

  • compact dimensions that enable the use in portable equipment with a high density of electronic components;
  • optimal for the development of high-efficiency pulse converters;
  • good thermal characteristics;
  • simplicity and reliability in production;
  • reduction in cost due to the use of copper sections of layers of a multi-layer printed circuit board;
  • the possibility of using automatic SMD editing.

Design options

According to their design, planar transformers or planar inductors are divided into several types:

  • hinged;
  • integrated in the printed circuit board;
  • hybrid.

An example of a hinged planar transformer made on the basis of a multilayer printed circuit board is presented below:

Appearance of the mounted planar transformer as part of a multi-layer Printed Circuit Board

Pic 1. Appearance of mounted planar transformer

Depending on the technical characteristics, planar transformers can have different versions.

Versions of planar transformers, chokes and inductances

Pic 2. Variants of execution of planar transformers

Power supply using planar transformers

The figure below shows the module of the power unit developed by the Terratel company using planar transformers.

In this power supply there are hinged planar transformers (Fig. 3 -2, -3) and a transformer integrated into the printed circuit board (Fig. 3 -1).

Power supply with integrated transformers and inductances.

Development of a power supply module with integrated planar transformers, chokes and inductors

Pic 3. Example of the power supply with integrated transformer and inductors.

The obvious advantages of planar transformers and chokes allow them to be successfully used in telecommunication and medical equipment, automotive industry, as well as in other highly reliable electronic devices intended for industrial use.

Terratel accepts orders for the development and manufacture of planar transformers and inductances, as well as orders for the development and manufacture of power supplies (DC/DC converters) using planar transformers.