VoIP & TDM Solutions

SIP/E1 Gateway

VoIP Media SIP/E1 Gateway

Digital VoIP Gateway supporting SIP, SS7, ISDN PRI, V5.2, R2 CAS, R2 MFC, R 1.5 and used together with the Asterisk / FreeSWITCH / SoftSwitch platform, is a universal product designed to provide VoIP and TDM telephony solutions.

Access Control Unit TTA-08

Remote Sensor Monitoring and Control Unit TTA-08

This unit is designed to provide remote monitoring (via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS) of the remote equipment and objects (remote exchange capacities, processing equipment and stand-alone stations).

Signaling Converter SS7, ISDN PRI, CAS

Signaling Converter E1 and PCM30 multiplexer

Signaling Converter supports functions TDM switch and E1 multiplexer. It has from 2 to 16 E1 interfaces, SIP, echo cancellation and fully accessible hardware switching 16 E1.

Digital Telephone Card E1 for Asterisk

Digital Telephone ISDN PRI Card E1 for Asterisk

Digital Telephony Card D-201E/D-401E telephony card is designed to build digital telephony systems based on the Asterisk IP-PBX. The card performs data/voice exchange over E1 links.

Multipoint Temperature Measurement System

Multipoint Temperature Measurement System is designed for simultaneous measurement and control of temperature at various points of industrial facilities, server rooms, data centers, warehouses and other facilities.

SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control

VoIP SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control and Monitoring

SIP-E1 Gateway Access Control (VoIP Gateway) is used in different options of conjugation of VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs.

TDMoIP Gateway

TDMoIP Gateway, E1 to Ethernet converter and multiplexer

TDMoIP Gateway is designed to provide TDM traffic transfer using IP networks as transmission media. Design Option: 2E1 or 8E1.

TDM Digital Switch E1

TDM Digital Switch E1

TDM switch is a digital switch of E1 links that supports the following signaling types at a time: SS7, ISDN PRI, EDSS1, V5.2, R2 CAS, SIP.

Telephone Emergency Notification

Telephone Emergency Notification, automatic call of subscribers and SMS notification

Outgoing Calls to Subscribers and Receipt of Incoming Calls. The System is designed to: call subscribers with generating a voice message, receive calls with generating a voice message.

Embedded Hardware & Solutions

PC/104 Intel Atom E3800 CPU

PCI/104 Express module SBC E3800 series

A highly integrated Industrial Single Board Computer, based on the Intel Atom E3800 Series platform technology with the PCI/104 Express.

PC/104 Intel Atom N450 or D510 CPU

PCI/104 Express module SBC Intel Atom

A highly integrated Single Board Computer based on the low-power, high-performance Intel® Atom™ processors N450 or D510

PC/104 SSD Module

PCI/104 Express Solid State Disc Module

Flash based on Solid State Storage Module. Total capping of disk space, with three Flash add – on cards makes 2TB. A comptroller allows to realize the functions of RAID 0/1/10/JBOD.

PC/104 DC-DC Power Supply

PCI/104-Express 88 Watt Embedded DC-DC Power Supply

PC/104 DC-DC Power Supply is notable for its easy connectability to control systems applied in industrial and automotive industries. This allows to interface directly to PCI/104-Express systems and EBX size boards.

Buck-boost DC-DC converter

Buck-boost DC-DC converter, 35V...160V input

Buck-boost DC-DC converter – conversion module DC voltage with wide input voltage range 35V…160V, 48V or 24V output. Device is used for harsh temperature conditions operation.

RS422 to Ethernet Converter

RS 422 serial port to Ethernet industrial Converter

TERRATEL RS422 to Ethernet Converter is a low cost industrial Single port RS422 serial device server that can make your industrial serial devices to be IP / Ethernet network enabled.

Universal USB programmer

entering information in permanent memory

USB Universal Programmer is a device designed to write/read information to ROM and exchange data between PC and debugging electronic board over SPI, I2C/1, Wire, RS-485, RS-422, RS-232.