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Reason to use VoIP SIP Gateway

Transmit voice signals across a network of multiple subscribers via packet switching

Voice over IPWhat do we know about the Voice over IP? This technology appeared because of the need to transmit voice signals across a network of multiple subscribers via packet switching.

Before it pass through the communication channel, the audio signal are converted to digital. Result of this is a significant saving of money during the talking between the city and country.

To use this type of communication system, you can use the Internet or digital channels, which will be specifically allocated for this purpose.

Due to the high speed and good quality, VoIP technology has become very popular and allowed to transmit telephone messages using a protocol IP.

In order to link the Internet to the PSTN, it’s necessary to use special analog VoIP gateway.

The signal from the voice channel is directly input to VoIP IP-telephone that is connected to the IP-based network, the analog telephone or a digital phone, which is connected to the digital network with integration network ISDN.

How VoIP telephony works

By using voip sip gateway technology can be realized such problems and solutions, which will be very difficult to implement technology PSTN, or it will be very expensive.

Connecting VoIP gateway to a standard telephone line, you have the opportunity to create another telephone line at no additional cost; hold a conference call; provide automatic redial; Caller ID from which the call – all this is largely free of charge.

In addition, an important role is played by the security system. To secure your connection took place, it’s only need to encrypt the signal.
On this basis, we can distinguish the pros of voip sip.

Advantages of VoIP telephony

Time when channel is used during operation is reduced because it blocked all possible pause.

  • You can easily add another phone line in the office or at home, despite the fact that redirect calls are free, is determined by the number of the person who is calling and can redial.
  • Due to the fact that the signal is encrypted, it is possible to conduct safe and calls to establish compliance of volume of data that is transmitted.
  • If you have an Internet connection, then it does not matter in what place you are – you can still receive calls.
  • Integration with colleagues via the Internet through asterisk sip gateway. During the conversation, you can share files, as well as to you can dial in parallel to other subscribers.
  • It is possible to connect the direct numbers anywhere in the world.

sip voip gateway

What do I need for VoIP:

To use the VoIP can be used:

  • regular analog phone
  • personal computer
  • IP phone
  • WiFi phone

How to use VoIP over analog phone

In order to use VoIP for analog phone should be able to broadband Internet access. In addition to calls through the network VoIP, you need to become a client of a VoIP-provider.

In this case, the computer does not necessarily need to be included – you can call and when you turn off the unit. To connect the modem to the phone, you will need to connect an analog telephone adapter.

How to use VoIP via computer

Thus, as in the case of the telephone, you must have a broadband Internet connection. To connect VoIP requires high speed, which is usually a modem can not give. Therefore, a broadband access and depending on the number of bands may be carried out up to 6 simultaneous conversations.

If you have broadband, then in addition to that, you will also need special software. If your computer already has some acoustic system, you can do just a microphone.

How to use VoIP via IP Phone

Again even if you have asterisk sip gateway, this requires the client to be VoIP-provider and have a connection to broadband Internet.

IP phone is already natively supports VoIP, so it does not require any additional adapters. Just plug the phone into an available LAN-port NAT-router through which you can get on-line.

phone into an available LAN-port NAT-router

How to use VoIP over WiFi phone?

This option did not tie you to a certain place. After a phone that supports WiFi, you can make calls via a public hotspot.

However, there is still need to be a client of a VoIP-provider.

use VoIP via IP Phone

How to choose a VoIP Gateway?

Choose asterisk sip gateway must start from the tasks that you face.

Buy VoIP gateway you can  in the company of Terratel.

It is used for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs.

TERRATEL SIP/E1 Gateway is used in various options of interfacing VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks to convert E1 links to Ethernet. It provides signalling conversion between SS7, ISDN, PRI, CAS, V5.2 and Ethernet as well as media data transfer between PSTN an IP networks.

VoIP over WiFi phone

Switching units provide the following functions:

  • full access switching of any digital channel with any digital channel (load of 1 Erlang)
  • converting signalling protocols of each of 480 digital channels separately in any PCM digital links to SIP, RTP, RTCP G.711, G.723,G.729, fax – fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay, DTMF – RFC2833, SIP INFO, RFC 2976
  • analysis of translated (transmitted) digits with automatic selection (generation) of outgoing communications directions
  • modifying in all possible ways digits of a number for both the call source and call destination
  • routing in digital streams

IP SIP Gateway from Terratel is the best choice for you with high quality!