Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity monitoring sensor connected to the TTA-08 device

The appearance of the temperature and humidity sensor for TTA-08 device

Pic 1. The appearance of the temperature and humidity sensor


An external temperature sensor is a specialized device for monitoring the temperature in various rooms. The sensor is designed to work as part of a device for monitoring the status of loops and sensors TTA-08.

The temperature sensor is a simple and reliable high quality device developed by Terratel specialists. The sensor allows real-time monitoring of the temperature at the corresponding object at a distance of up to ~ 1500 meters from the device.

The temperature and humidity sensor allows you to promptly notify about exceeding the temperature / humidity threshold, and in industrial use in factories and enterprises – to avoid the consequences of possible emergency situations. The external temperature sensor is stable and easy to install.

Connection diagram and technical characteristics

The temperature and humidity sensor is implemented in the form of a printed circuit board on a textolite of excellent quality, using a modern element base and has a simple circuit diagram.

This solution makes it durable and provides the ability to quickly respond to events of changes in the threshold of the permissible temperature.

The sensor is connected with two twisted pairs of wires. One pair is supplied with power, the other is used to transmit information.

Since the polarity of the connection is important, the connection of the sensor to the connector of the device must be carried out according to the figures.

Pic 2. External view of the temperature sensor


Pic 3. Appearance of the temperature/humidity sensor


  • Type: Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Placement range from the device: 1-500 m
  • Temperature change limits: -50 ºС +125 ºС
  • Typical accuracy of temperature: +/- 0.3°C
  • Typical accuracy of humidity: +/- 2%RH
  • Material: textolite
  • Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 30 g

Possibilities of application

  • Temperature and humidity control in industrial and warehouse premises
  • Monitoring the detection of faults or problems with heating/cooling
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity in the server room
  • Data center