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Universal USB Programmer

Entering information in permanent memory

USB Universal programmer is a device used for entering necessary information in permanent memory. In addition to the recording functions, universal programmer serves as a reader information from the chip.

Besides the standard reading and writing modes, usb universal programmer have protection function of reading, programming or erasure.

To qualitatively perform their functions, universal programmer must contain:

  • Interface that allows you to input and output data that is read and programmed.
  • Block, which will accommodate the desired chip. Thanks to it, should produce reliable contact with the pins.
  • Hardware drivers that will generate and read the logic levels and complex clock signals.

If you are going to buy a usb universal programmer, you will be out of place to learn about the variety of usb programmer that exist on the market.

  • Highly specialized programmers. These devices support only opredlenii chip type or manufacturer and can not be used with something else.
  • Conditionally universal device programmers. Able to program the chips of different types and manufacturers.
  • Universal programmer. This device support chips absolutely all firms and types. One example of such programming is Terratel-USB programmer.

Of course, more universal is programmer, it has more complex hardware implementation.

To make a programmer for a single chip, often needs just a few wires and connections. But to perform a universal programmer is much more difficult. It needs to be done on the basis of universal hardware drivers. Their task is to ensure that:

  • supplying complex waveform over a wide frequency range;
  • supply and readout logic levels;
  • supply voltage and with a given accuracy.

Universal programmer should have the most versatile driver. Example you can see on Terratel-USB programmer.