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Electronic Subscriber Register

Device designed to upgrade of Electromechanical and crossbar automatic telephone exchanges type ATCK, ATCK-U, ATCK 100/2000

The system of electronic subscriber registers was developed by Terratel to replace the equipment of relay registers on the crossbar/coordinates Telephone Exchanges type ATCK, ATCK-U, ATCK 100/2000.

Electronic Subscriber register equipment on crossbar Telephone Exchange

Figure 1. Appearance of subscriber register equipment on crossbar Telephone Exchange

Functionally, one electronic register replaces: the register with the battery pulse sensor, the code transceiver (2 of 6), the station code analyzer, the code transceiver marker, as well as the tone dial receiver, the ANI signal receiver, the speech informer.

Module Subscriber Electronic Register

Figure 2. Appearance of the module of subscriber electronic register