Monitoring device TTA-08 (version R.3)

The device of the SNMP system for monitoring the status of sensors, security and fire Alarm loops, collecting and saving data


  • TCP/IP, SNMPv2/v3
  • GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232 Serial Port, CAN bus
  • Modbus RTU, 1-Wire
  • 4x security and fire alarms loops (with сondition controll)
  • 6х Digital Input ;
  • 3х Digital Output ;
  • Temperature, humidity, 220V sensors, voltage measurements 0.90V DC
  • External Power Supply
  • Power consumption 3W
  • Up to 20W in Battery Charge Mode
  • Wide input range power supply -20..70VDC


The TTA-08 device is an element of a remote monitoring system via an Ethernet network (SNMP v2c/v3) of equipment and objects (data centers, technological equipment, autonomous stations, industrial premises).

Access Control and Sensor Monitoring - panel appearance, photo

Рic 1. TTA-08 Unit – front and back panels

It is possible to connect sensors and sensors for monitoring climatic parameters (temperature, humidity), as well as standard security and fire detectors (smoke, motion, glass breakage, window/door opening sensors).
RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces allow you to connect a wide range of additional third-party devices: electricity meter, smart card reader, RFID, industrial systems with Modbus RTU protocol support.
The data from the sensors is processed by TTA-08 and transmitted over the Ethernet network to a client-server SNMP NMS monitoring system or a mobile phone (voice message or SMS).

Pic 2. Remote Temperature Monitoring System.

Connected devices, monitored parameters

  • 4x inputs for connecting fire and security alarm loops (with status monitoring and power switching) or “dry contacts”;
  • Input for connecting a remote temperature sensor or a humidity and temperature sensor;
  • DC voltage measurement input – 5..85V (hardware sensor for UPS control);
  • 2x inputs for connecting voltage sensors AC~220V or “dry contacts”;
  • 4x digital inputs (Digital Input) for connecting external devices or sensors “dry contacts”;
  • 3 digital outputs (Digital Output) for relay control (connection of sound and world signaling).

CAN bus – information exchange highway

The CAN bus is designed to expand the functionality of the TTA-08 device.
Using the CAN bus, it is possible to connect up to 11 expansion modules to the TTA-08 monitoring system controller. This solution allows you to increase the number of monitored loops or control points of the base module within one control domain.

Scheme of the monitoring system using CAN bus

Structural scheme of the monitoring system using CAN bus

Functionally, the TTA-08 device provides collection, analysis and control of data received from all connected expansion modules.

The CAN bus is a serial bus with two differential signals CAN H and CAN L, to which monitoring devices are connected in parallel.
The TTA-08 device and MP expansion modules represent an integral device of the monitoring system with one IP address and a common Web interface.
This solution allows you to monitor up to 140 condition monitoring points.
The advantage of the solution to build an infrastructure monitoring network based on TTA-08 devices with CAN bus support is the ability to place MP expansion modules at a considerable distance from the main controller. In this case, MP expansion modules can be placed in close proximity to the condition monitoring elements.
The maximum length of the CAN bus can reach 250 meters.

Expansion modules

The main task of expansion modules is to increase the number of loops and control points of the base module within one control domain.

Unlike the base module of the TTA-08 sensor remote monitoring and control system, expansion modules perform only the functions of collecting and transmitting telemetry.
The expansion module, having received a value from any sensor, transmits the data to its domain controller (base module), which in turn performs further processing and management of the received data in accordance with program logic algorithms.
Available for ordering types of expansion module: MP-1.

Remote Monitoring Unit Web Interface

The sensor data are processed by the controller and sent via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS to the manager/user PC or as a text message to his/her phone.

The Web interface allows the manager to see the current status of all connected sensors of the selected device on his PC in real time.

Web interface TTA-08 General view

Web interface TTA-08 General view


Support for the SNMPV2/V3 protocol allows you to integrate the device into a standard network control and control system. The device can generate SNMP TraP for all events.

Control and monitoring system based on the SNMP protocol

To control several monitoring units at a time TTA Monitor application can be used.

The application designed to communicate with devices can use either SNMP or internal communication protocol. TTA Monitor can operate under Windows or Linux operating systems.

Additional solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices

Pic 8. SNMP agent “TTA Monitor” – a solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple monitoring devices.

Monitoring of remote objects allows the manager to find the required solution and switch systems remotely or instruct personnel as required.

Advantages of remote monitoring and control of remote objects

Remote Monitoring Unit combined with sensors allows to build various systems to monitor and control remote objects:

  • Monitoring system for data processing centers and server rooms
  • Monitoring system for industrial premises
  • Monitoring system for storage areas
  • Monitoring system for pharmacy premises
  • Monitoring system for food production and refrigeration facilities
  • 19″ rack monitoring over GSM and LAN


Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
RS-485, RS-232
CAN bus
SNMP v2c/v3
Modbus RTU
Event Memory
 Energy -dependent memory for
saving up to 10,000 events
Power Requirements
 from 12V DC 1A
up to 3W power consumption
Module with external AC/DC power supply
Dimensions 150х108х39 мм
Weight 0,4 кг
NMS TTA Monitor
SNMP client server monitoring system

Delivery Set

ТТА-08, Ethernet, RS-485/232, CAN bus;
ТТА-08, Ethernet;
ТТА-08 Lite;
МР-1 – Module for expanding functionality ТТА-08.

In addition the unit can be supplied with temperature and humidity sensors as well as 220V AC power detector.

Photo Humidity sensor and temperature sensor

Humidity sensor and temperature sensor

Photo 220V AC power detector

220V AC power detector