Functionality extension module for TTA-08, support
up to 12 universal digital inputs (fire loops or dry contacts)


  • TCP/IP, SNMPv2/v3
  • Ethernet, CAN bus
  • 12 security and fire alarm loops (with state control) or 12 digital inputs (Digital Input)
  • Module with external power source AC/DC
  • Power consumption 3-4 watts


The MP-1 device is an element of a remote monitoring system via an Ethernet network (SNMP v2c/v3) of equipment and objects (data centers, technological equipment, autonomous stations, industrial premises).

The MP-1 expansion module supports up to 12 universal digital inputs (with state control and switching), which can work in the protection mode of fire bins or dry contacts.

It is possible to connect sensors and sensors for monitoring standard security and fire detectors (smoke sensors, movement, glass breakdown, window/door opening).

The MP-1 expansion module can be used in two versions: as an independent device (Ethernet 10/100 Mbit) and as a module for expanding the functionality of the TTA-08 (CAN bus) device.

The use of expansion modules of the MP-1 allows the TTA-08 device to increase the number of input interfaces within the controlled room to 130.


Устройство MP-1 – передняя и задняя панели

Device MP-1

Data from sensors are processed by TTA-08 and transmitted by Ethernet network to the Client-Server SNMP NMS system of monitoring or mobile phone (vocal message or SMS).

CAN bus

Expansion modules are connected to the main controller of the TTA-08 system by means of a consistent CAN line of standard 2.0.

The total number of expansion mrus MP-1, with the exception of the TTA-08 device, should not exceed 10 units.

Data from the sensors are processed by the controller and transmitted by Ethernet network to the client-server SNMP NMS system of monitoring and/or mobile phone (vocal message or SMS).

Connection plan МP-1

Connection MP-1

Option for placing MP-1 in a 19″ rack

For installation of devices in 19″, Terratel offers the use of a specialized bracket 1U 19″.



Вариант размещения оборудования ТТА-08 и модулей расширения на 1U кронштейне

Placement of TTA-08 equipment and expansion modules by 1U bracket

Connected devices, monitored parameters

  • 12x inputs for connecting bins-fire alarm loops (with state control and switching) or sensors of the Digital Input type (Digital Input) .

WEB-interface of the device

The sensor data are processed by the controller and sent via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS to the manager/user PC or as a text message to his/her phone.

The Web interface allows the manager to see the current status of all connected sensors of the selected device on his PC in real time.

Web interface TTA-08 General view

Web interface TTA-08 General view


Support for the SNMPV2/V3 protocol allows you to integrate the device into a standard network control and control system. The device can generate SNMP TraP for all events.

Control and monitoring system based on the SNMP protocol

To control several monitoring units at a time TTA Monitor application can be used.

The application designed to communicate with devices can use either SNMP or internal communication protocol. TTA Monitor can operate under Windows or Linux operating systems.

Additional solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices

Pic 8. SNMP agent “TTA Monitor” – a solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple monitoring devices.

Monitoring of remote objects allows the manager to find the required solution and switch systems remotely or instruct personnel as required.

Advantages of remote monitoring and control of remote objects

Remote Monitoring Unit combined with sensors allows to build various systems to monitor and control remote objects:

  • Monitoring system for data processing centers and server rooms
  • Monitoring system for industrial premises
  • Monitoring system for storage areas
  • Monitoring system for pharmacy premises
  • Monitoring system for food production and refrigeration facilities
  • 19″ rack monitoring over GSM and LAN


Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
CAN bus (used to connect to TTA-08)
SNMP v2c/v3
Event Memory
 Energy -dependent memory for
saving up to 10,000 events
Power Requirements
 from 12V DC 1A
up to 3W power consumption
Module with external AC/DC power supply
Dimensions 150х108х39 мм
Weight 0,4 кг
NMS TTA Monitor
SNMP client server monitoring system