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How to install and use SIP

Specificity of connection and setup of SIP protocol in IP-telephony

How to install and use SIPPeople in the business especially with international activities knows that fixed telephony isn’t convenient and cheap. You are binded to one place, there is poor quality of communications and high fee so there is a need to look for better options.
And here comes to the aid SIP telephony.

What is a SIP phone?

SIP-telephony is connection via the Internet. Skype, Viber and other services works over the same principle. But now we will focus on SIP communications.
The main requirements – the speed of the Internet must be not less than 64 kbit/s.

How does SIP telephony works?

The connection is through SIP-protocol. SIP (Session Initial Protocol) is a follower of the HTTP protocol: it describes a method shall be placed online session.
But as the HTTP protocol works through any internet browser, SIP protocol is needed SIP provider.
There are so many SIP providers on the market, and so you can choose the most suitable, with good rates and quality service.

Benefits of SIP

Availability. Call can reach you anywhere, if Internet is available. There is no need to sum up the phone lines. What you need to do if your office or home don’t have telephone cables? At the same time you need a phone and not only one, but in every department. So you can choose SIP telephony.

  • It requires only the existence of the Internet. No telephone cables and unnecessary costs.
  • You can create an unlimited number of lines.
  • Inside the office, employees can communicate with each other for free.
  • Сreate quickly a new telephone lines. You do not need to re-buy some equipment, the creation of the new line will only take a minute. Therefore, if you have a new employee, you can easily create his own SIP number.
  • You can receive calls on SIP phone and the computer. The main thing that they were connected to the Internet.
  • Optionally, there is a possibility of statistics, voice mail, call accounting, etc. For more information about additional services you can learn from the SIP provider.
  • Virtual PBX. SIP telephony allows you to redirect incoming calls to the correct employee. Additional hardware isn’t required.
  • Cheap calls. Last but not least advantage. SIP calls can significantly save telephone charges. Especially it’s good for companies, which have their own call centers, running to several countries.

How to install the SIP connection

You can connect SIP telephony using 4 different ways:

  • Computer. To connect SIP over a laptop or computer, you will need to install a network card, as well as special software. Also you will need earphones and a microphone for talking.
  • SIP-phone. It can be both stationary and mobile.
  • Smartphone or mobile phone. If your phone does not natively support the protocol SIP, you need to install a special application for this purpose.
  • Analog phone. You need SIP-adapter and can start using SIP.

The most interesting thing is that you don’t need to choose one of the options: you can even use all four simultaneously. Just like you want.

SIP opportunities

SIP phone offers a variety of features that you can use in your daily work.

  • SIP office. Telephone charges are reduced by 30-70% because of using. You will be able to significantly improve communication, as will maintain contact with a large number of users.
  • Multi-line phone. During speaking by phone you will have the opportunity to communicate with the customer over the phone and at the same time take or send urgent information, provide guidance, etc.
  • Internet Fax. You can send and receive faxes much faster than analog telephone because of quick links of internet telephony. When you received fax, you get it on the screen. If you want you can print or send it to another person through the Internet.
  • SIP Out. You can easily communicate with partners from around the world, connected with them immediately. And pay cheap price for it. You need to install on the computer or phone 3CXPhone program. This service is a cheap analog of roaming and provides a high-quality connection.
  • Voice greeting. You can pre-record a greeting the customer immediately and tell him the most important information.
  • Access to the Internet.
  • Direct number. You are allocated a local number, that will be the main PBX. Typically, most SIP providers offer free incoming calls.
  • Call forwarding to a cell phone. If for some reason you can not take a call on Internet telephony (there is nobody to answer the call), you will receive an automatic call forwarding on your mobile phone. You only need to specify the settings.
  • The possibility of a virtual PBX. You get multi-channel communication, recording of calls, then to analyse and improve the quality of voice responses, as well as many other features.

SIP competitors

Analogue SIP communication can serve as Skype. However, you probably noticed time and the poor quality of communication, constant interruptions in conversations, video call braking, etc, making Skype calls.
In addition, the billing of Skype calls  is not the cheapest.
These shortcomings and disadvantages are pushing us to seek new ways of communication, better with an extensive service, good technical support, and of course, for less cost. And there is awesome alternative – a SIP calls.