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VoIP methods and it’s characteristics

Advantages of VoIP technologies

We discussed why we need VoIP in earlier articles and also advantages of VoIP. We will talk more widely about method provides VoIP technology in this article. In general, VoIP technology involves several methods of interest. You can send a fax over the Internet, watch TV via the Internet protocol, etc. All of these methods will be discussed in this article.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP is quite simple. As is the case with classical telephony conversation recording is performed using the handset microphone as an analog signal. Using analog-to-digital converter is converted into a digital signal and then takes it to the appropriate audio encoding format. To compress a conversation with varying degrees there are different codecs, which determine the quality of the conversation. The fact that the compression of the information is lost. But at the same time, the Subjective enough such information, and therefore is not any substantial.
After the data is compressed they are transmitted through the network. Data stream that is continuously must divide small packages. Only then they start to be sent to the network. Next packages go to special network nodes, which are also called routers or routers, and they have direct IP-packets to the endpoint. Very often, using different paths.
Before acceptors read packets, they first must be kept in the buffer. Then, to be able to hear again the human voice, data pass through a digital-to-analog converter.


With the help of internet protocol it is possible to watch TV. At the same time, you can watch TV as usual and special Internet software.
The fact that the data packet is used all the same Internet protocol.
However, considering that the network should be transmitted is large enough volume of data must be sufficiently high transmission rate. And in this case, can not do without broadband connections such as DSL or ADSL, otherwise you will not be able to watch Internet TV.
Most interestingly, IP-TV is beneficial both providers and consumers.

For example, ordinary Internet providers have the opportunity to expand their business and a range of services due to the fact that they can offer not only Internet connection, but also high-quality television.

At the same time, if you already have an Internet connection, it would no longer need to pull additional cables or install satellite systems. In addition, the development of IP-TV can increase the number of jobs.
According to the direction in 2005 became interested by Microsoft. She called IP-TV interactive television, which takes into account the interests of the owners of networks and television studios.

IP-TV monitor

Pic 1. IP-TV

IP-TV users also receive certain benefits.
First of all, it’s an individual program. Of course, as IP-TV now nahodzhitsya only in the development stage, the user does not get too wide range of programs. But every day wanting to connect to such television becomes more and more, and therefore its price becomes cheaper.

Using this TV, the client may include “pause”, independently set the time piosmotra. Such ways of viewing programs called “video on demand” or video on demand. Look only if you want.
There is another advantage of IP-TV. Through dissemination via the Internet, you can look all over the world. Even if you are in the most remote corner of the world,
The main goal of Internet TV – is the focus on customer needs.

LAN Telephony

For many years the development of telephone servers have grown to the level of these IP-PBXs, who began using SIP-protocol as the core. This marked the beginning of LAN-telephony. And in 2000 it started to use the full program.
LAN-telephony constitute a waiver of a standard telephone system. On the server, install special software that performs the role of IP-PBX. Further use Ehernet-Switches, which will serve as a switchgear to transmit voice data.
Just you need to connect the gateway SIP E1 Gateway, which will be link between the local and the public telephone network.
As an end unit you can use regular analog phones that are connected to the network adapter (ATA). Or you can choose a special VoIP phones or Softphones, which are installed directly on the computer.

VoIP methods and it's characteristics

Pic 2. VoIP methods

However, besides the fact that you can use the software as IP-PBXs (eg, Swyx (SwyxWare), Innovaphone or Cisco Systems (Call Manager), can also be used solutions Open Source.

One of the most popular is Asterisk. It works on Linux and its main advantage is that it uses an answering machine.
But there are various hybrid telecommunication systems. With their help, you can expand the conventional telephone system and use IP connection. Of course, such systems have certain limitations, but at the same time, many manufacturers are telecommunication systems may use this path.

FOIP (Fax over IP)

Fax over IP methodBefore sending a fax via the Internet could be faced with many challenges. For example, a fax tone signal could not be compressed as voice data. In addition, the fax connection is constantly interrupted, as they were very unstable.

However, the solution to this problem has been found today. It consists in converting the fax tones signalling codes that differ from the standard format for Internet telephony.
This solution was able to successfully send faxes even a regular phone call. This method is considered to be the most successful method of data transmission. Since using other methods, you must first save the information, and then transfer it.

With this, signal codes are replaced with fax tone, and thus it becomes possible to transfer.
What is the benefit Fax over IP (Fax over IP)? In fact, the use of IP technology every day is becoming increasingly important. After all, so the company becomes independent of social networks, which is an advantage.

In addition, the use of fax over IP allows businesses to significantly reduce their communication costs.
Most often use Fax over IP start those businesses who are already familiar with the technology of Voice over IP. However, these networks may not always be compatible. In some cases, I recommend to use Fax-to-Mail-Gateways or Mail-to-Fax-Gateways.