Voltage presence sensor 220V AC

Monitoring the state of the AC 220V AC network via Ethernet, GSM / GPRS

The appearance of the sensor for the presence of voltage 220V for TTA-08 device

Pic 1. The appearance of the sensor for the presence of voltage 220V


The 220V voltage sensor is a specialized device for monitoring the state of a household electrical network. The sensor is designed to work as part of a device for monitoring the status of loops and sensors TTA-08.

This 220V mains voltage presence sensor is a simple and reliable high quality device developed by Terratel specialists. The 220V voltage sensor allows you to monitor in real time its presence at the corresponding input or output. The 220V sensor has a wide range of permissible voltage, which allows you to monitor the power supply in any region – both in urban and rural areas.

The 220V voltage sensor allows you to promptly notify of a malfunction, and in industrial use at factories and enterprises – to avoid the consequences of possible emergency situations. The 220V voltage presence sensor is distinguished by its stable operation and ease of installation.

Connection diagram and technical characteristics

The sensor for the presence of a 220V network is implemented in the form of a printed circuit board on a PCB of excellent quality with a high-quality terminal block, using a modern element base and has a simple circuit diagram.

This solution makes it durable and provides the ability to quickly respond to AC power failure events.

This model of the sensor has the following technical characteristics: the limits of the operating voltage – from 100 Volts to 265 Volts, significantly expanding the possible places of its application.

Connecting 220V presence sensors to TTA-08 device

Pic 2. Block diagram for connecting 220V presence sensors to the connector of the TTA-08 device.

Installation and connection of the sensor to the TTA-08 device does not require special skills and tools. For reliable contact in the 220V voltage sensor, the cable ends are fixed on the terminal block. In the direction of the 220V network, the sensor is connected with a power plug.

The sensor has an internal galvanic isolation, which makes it impossible for the input voltage to influence the TTA-08 device.

The TTA-08 controller supports the connection of two sensors for the presence of voltage of the electrical network 220V (for example, for monitoring 220V at the input and output of the uninterruptible power supply UPS).


  • Type: AC current presence sensor
  • Input signal: 100 – 256 VAC
  • Material: textolite
  • Maximum cable length up to 20 m
  • Dimensions (without plug): 10 x 50 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 50 g.

Key features and benefits

Taking into account the above technical characteristics of the 220V voltage presence sensor, it is possible to highlight its main capabilities and advantages:

  • Simple electrical circuit diagram using quality components to ensure accuracy, speed and reliability.
  • Simplicity – The sensor has only one function, but this function is extremely important and will allow you to quickly identify problems in production.
  • Galvanic isolation between the 220V electrical network and the TTA-08 controller.
    A wide range of controlled voltage of the electrical network 220V.
  • A design that allows you to connect the sensor directly to an outlet, filter, or any monitored equipment.
  • The TTA-08 device supports the connection of two sensors for the presence of voltage of the electrical network 220V.

Due to all of the above characteristics and advantages, the use of 220V voltage presence sensors as part of the TTA-08 sensor monitoring and control device provides the client with the ability to quickly monitor the state of the electrical network, as well as quickly and correctly respond to emergency events.

It is possible to buy a 220V AC network presence sensor by placing an order on the Terratel company website, by sending an order via e-mail or by phone.