SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control

VOIP gateway with Access and Sensor Monitoring Unit

  • up to 8 E1 interfaces
  • up to 240 VoIP channels
  • SS7, ISDN PRI, V5.2, R2 CAS, R2 MFC, R1.5
  • voice codecs G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729
  • registration and authentication – up to 1000 SIP-subscribers
  • fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay

Access control and sensors functions

SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control (VoIP Gateway) is used in different options of conjugation of VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs.
Additional functions: monitoring operability of the accompanying equipment (via Ethernet), fire warning sensor, motion detectors, parameters of temperature, humidity, network condition 220V sensors.

VoIP Gateway Access Control Application Diagram

Pic 1. Option of use of the VOIP gateway with Access and Sensor Monitoring Unit

Connected Devices and Monitored Parameters

  • 4x loops for connecting devices, and 1x power supply output of security/fire alarm devices (10..12V, 100mA or 10..15V 750 mA (optionally))
  • 1x remote temperature sensor connection input
  • 1x 0..3V voltage metering input (humidity sensor)
  • 1x 0..90V voltage metering input (UPS)
  • 2x inputs for connecting 220V AC voltage availability detectors
  • 1x input for connecting a backup battery of 12V rated operation voltage

Distinctive features

  • Support all types of alarm system being used on TDM/PSTN network
  • Possibility of implementation of IP-TDM, TDM-IP and TDM-TDM connections