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SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control

Digital VoIP Gateway with Access Control and Monitoring module

An original device combining the functions of a digital VoIP gateway and an access control module, the state of security and fire loops, temperature, moisture, the presence of a 220V electrical network.

Photo SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control, temperature monitoring and control

Pic 1. External view of the SIP / E1 Gateway Access Control device.


  • up to 8 E1 interfaces
  • up to 240 VoIP channels
  • SS7, ISDN PRI, R2 CAS, R1.5
  • voice codecs G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729a/b
  • registration and authentication – up to 10000 SIP-subscribers
  • fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay


  • 4 loops for connecting burglar/fire alarm devices
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 humidity sensor
  • Battery voltage measurements
  • 2 presence sensors AC 220V


SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control is a specialized device created by TERRATEL in accordance with the technical requirements of a telecommunications operator of communication services. The main task of the project was to combine the functions of a digital VoIP gateway and an access control module, security and fire loops and sensors for monitoring the state of parameters of an object and the equipment installed on it.

As a result of the project implementation, the devices were installed in one 1U case with one power input and a common Ethernet port for control and settings.

SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control is monitored by a specialized server application using the SNMP protocol.

SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control is used for interfacing IP and PSTN networks, as well as monitoring access and other parameters of an unattended facility in order to minimize operating costs.

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Access Control and Sensor Features

Additional functions: monitoring (via Ethernet) the performance of related equipment, fire alarm sensors, motion sensors, temperature, humidity, 220V network condition sensors.

VOIP gateway with remote monitoring and control of temperature, smoke, battery, voltage 220V

Pic 2. Application diagram of a digital VoIP gateway with access control and sensors.

Connected devices, monitored parameters

  • four loops for connecting devices, as well as power supply output for devices security/fire alarm (10..12V, 100mA or 10..15V 750mA (optional))
  • input of a remote temperature sensor
  • voltage measurement input 0..3V (humidity sensor)
  • voltage measurement input 0..90V (battery)
  • two inputs for connecting the presence sensors AC 220V
  • 12V battery input

Distinctive features

  • Support for all types of signaling protocols used on a TDM/PSTN network
  • IP-TDM, TDM-IP, TDM-TDM connections
  • Monitoring and control of security and fire loops and other parameters of a remote object

SNMP-Based Control and Monitoring System

For the simultaneous control of several devices, in particular the parameters of the VoIP gateway and the monitoring of the parameters of the object, an additional solution of Terratel was used – the application “TTA Monitor”.

The application designed to communicate with devices can use either SNMP or internal communication protocol. TTA Monitor can operate under Windows or Linux operating systems.

Solution for simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices

Pic 3. SNMP agent – monitoring the status of sensors

Delivery Set

  • VoIP Gateway (2Е1, 60 SIP channels) + access control and sensor module
  • VoIP Gateway (4Е1, 120 SIP channels) + access control and sensor module
  • VoIP Gateway (8Е1, 240 SIP channels) + access control and sensor module